Corporate Social Responsibility

There are countervailing forces at work within corporate sustainability reporting. On one hand there is the need for convergence to simplify the large number of codes and standards. On the other hand there is the need to foster diversity and innovation. Sustainability reporting is recognised as one of the vital enablers for society to transition t... read more >


Free Speech and the High Court

Uninhibited free speech does not have constitutional protection in Australia. Commonwealth and State legislatures have passed laws dealing with defamation, racial hatred, obscene and blasphemous libel, copyright, official secrecy, contempt of court, censorship, treason and the like, placing express limits on speech and expression. Influenced by, am... read more >


Mandate Corporate Social Responsibility reporting now

Corporations, often more than governments, are today’s dominant institution. They feature in all aspects of social, political and economic life - private and public, business and non-business, large and small enterprises. As the size and influence of corporations grows, the framework ... read more >


Copyright, Fair Dealing and Educational Use in the Internet Age

The Internet has revolutionised the way we communicate, educate and manage our lives and our educational institutions are in a flurry of digital and online change. Despite rapid advances in digital technology our copyright laws have been relatively stagnant, stuck in the analogue era. As a result there are significant barriers to getting educationa... read more >


Copyright issues for Universities

Most Universities students in Australia have computer, a smart phone and high speed Internet access. The Internet has greatly facilitated the abilities of educators and students to create, modify and share educational resources. The Internet has removed the prohibitive costs of production and dissemination of information. The costs of online produc... read more >


Workplace Surveillance and Privacy

Scott McNealy, CEO and co-founder of Sun Microsystems was famously reported to have said "You have zero privacy anyway. Get over it." McNeally may well be right on the facts, but he is wrong on the attitude. Instead of 'getting over it', citizens need to demand clearer and stronger laws on privacy, security, and confidentiality. Under the New So... read more >


Governance at UNSW

Australian Universities, more so than many organisations, can be highly political. Disputes and standoffs between the University Council, Vice Chancellor’s and Chancellors, are not uncommon.  When these stand offs arise they can paralyze university administration. It is critical therefore that university governing bodies and university staff ... read more >


Absurdity of alleged copyright infringement

The free music, movies, software, culture person in all of us wants either no copyright laws (or at least much broader fair dealing exemptions and a larger amount of open source content). But the innovator, content provider and aspiring author in all ... read more >

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